Depuy ASR Hip Withdrawn From Market | Depuy Hip Lawsuits Filed
The Depuy ASR hip has been withdrawn from the market. The metal on metal hip replacement has been used in total hip replacements in the United States since 2003.

In 2008 the Australian Registry of Hip Replacement Devices reported a high revision rate for the device. The device was eventually removed from the market in Australia thereafter.

depuy_asr_hip_lawyers_wat.jpgThe high revision rates attributed to the Depuy ASR are due to the failure of the cups to affix or bond to the patients’ acetabulum.  The cup is intended to affix to the acetabulum as a result of osseointegration, a process where reamed bone grows into the porous metal cup that is placed next to it.  This process fails to occur in many patients and the cup remains loose.

Patients implanted with the Depuy hip have been measured as having high metal ion levels.  These high metal ion levels may be causing the patients’ own tissue to fail to grow into the porous shell of the device. The result is that the Depuy ASR hip is loose, fails to bond, and must be removed and replaced in a revision surgery.

Hundreds of reports of patients with failed Depuy hip cups have been made to the FDA documenting the problems with the device.

To monitor whether or not a DePuy ASR Recall has occurred or not, please click the link to visit the page.

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